Crystal Cipher™ is an entertaining tool that may be used daily to highlight potential strengths and possible vulnerabilities, based on your response to simple but intriguing questions and imagery.

Use this cipher to reveal how the daily ups and downs of life are impacting your focus and how others may perceive you. Then learn about the properties of different crystals that may support you throughout your day.

Unlike a personality test that determines your typical or preset personality types with defined strengths or weaknesses, the results are fluid and reflect how you energetically shift based on what’s going on in your life. In fact, by reading the results of your profile, you have the option to ‘intentionally’ shift your approach or energy, thereby altering your own resonance!

You are a multifaceted, multidimensional being who is influenced by the situations, circumstances, deadlines and commitments of daily life. Your work environment, partner, spouse, friends, commitments, and more affect your perspective. This cipher and the results it reveals offer insights that allow you to mindfully navigate your day and recommends crystals that could be ideal allies for maximizing your desired results.

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